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A perfect and stylish layout for your open outdoor spaces includes giving your plants an elegant and beautiful home. Unopiù offers flowerboxes made in Italy that are an elegant and decorative design object while at the same time being practical and sturdy. A prime example of luxurious and elegant Italian design are our flowerboxes that are fitted with four adjustable feet. They can be semi permanently positioned when the wheels are not in use. These planters include a waterproof green container made from polypropylene. It can be filled with soil directly. Its bottom allows water to filter. It does not stagnate and the plants stay fresh and healthy even when your thumbs aren’t exactly green. Our wooden garden planters are light and airy and a real visual delight in the garden, on the patio or on the balcony. The large wooden planters are available in different sizes and shapes. Their semi-permanent positioning allows for spontaneous protection from wind or unwanted onlookers, if needed. The flowerboxes and their plants can be used to sculpt your outdoor living area and blend in organically. They satisfy your sense of exclusive and sophisticated style and are of course made in Italy with perfect craftsmanship and from premium materials. They are made to last in the outdoors and are of course weatherproof. Our elegant flowerboxes are the perfect means of expanding your patio or your pergola or of secluding retreats within your garden. You can use the flowerbox to build “green walls” easily – their intelligently designed structure makes it possible to fill them with plants without having to wait for climbing plants to grow all the way up. That way you can create protected spaces and little shadowy islands in your garden or your rooftop or balcony. Their premium design makes our wooden garden planters practical and also beautiful design objects that can extend your living room into the outdoors and let you enjoy the beautiful weather in open spaces.